22 May 1910, was born Lola Gjoka, the first Albanian pianist

Lola Gjoka, the first Albanian talented pianist, was born in Sevastopol, Russia, on May 22, 1910. She was linked with her beloved instrument at the age of six. First teacher and teacher had his father. The first piano lessons, Lola took with the renowned Russian pedagogue Koralova: attended a one-year course at the Vienna Conservatory and graduated from the Athens Conservatory. At Home, Lola Gjoka returned to 1932 and joined the most prominent musicians of the time: Tefta Tashkon, Tonin Guramiu, Marie Krajën, Jorgjie Truja, Mihal Cikon. Together they prepared and performed the first concerts in Korça, Shkodra and other cities. With the establishment of Radio-Tirana, it is becoming the first microphone operator. He continued his pedagogical activity at the Artistic Lyceum and at the Conservatory of Tirana. In 1951, until he retired the artist, he worked as a concert hall, in the Philharmonic of the State and later at the Opera and Ballet Theater.