On January 23rd, 1916, was murdered Isa Boletini.

In Podgorica, on January 23rd, 1916 was treacherously killed by the Montenegrins, the Albanian national hero Isa Boletini. Also fell with him his sons Halili and Zahidi, two grandchildren, and three other fighters. Isa Boletini was only 17 when he took part in the fighting units that was organized “the League of Prizren” against the Ottoman forces. It was one of the founders and leaders of the “League of Peja” and organizer of the “Assembly of Ferizaj”. In 1912 he supported Ismail Qemali to rise up the Albanian flag. He organized armed forces for the protection of the Government of Vlora. In 51 years of life Isa Boletini fought bravely for the Albanian nation.