21 May 1913, was born Eng. Koco Theodhosi

Eng. Koço Theodhosi was born on May 21, 1913. After leading Korca Liceu, he continued his studies on leather technology in Belgium and then for industrial chemistry at the University of Lyon in France. During university studies, she participated in the left student movement and at Homeland, joined the National Liberation Anti-fascist Movement. He was a member of all conferences and congresses held in Pezë, Labinot, Përmet and Berat. In October 1944, he was appointed a commissar for oil in Kuçova. Then the Minister, the State Commissioner; Represented Albania at the Mutual Economic Aid Council, in Moscow. For his work and assistance, he was decorated with all the medals and orders of the state at that time. In June 1975, Koço Theodhosi, was dismissed from all state and party posts, was expelled from the party and interned internally at Kurbnesh. He was then arrested and sentenced to death.