2 August 1898, was born the professor Ali Cungu

Ali Cungu, prominent pedagogue, was born in Elbasan on August 2, 1898. He finished with excellent results the Robert College of Istanbul. After graduation, he started pedagogical career as a teacher at homeland. In 1921, he moved to the Technical School of Tirana, where he gave Albanian and English language, mathematics, gymnastics, and even music. He contributed to the development of sports, literature and art, judged the football matches, was a theatrical director of the Technical School, a close associate of the student magazine “Laboremus”, where he published articles and poetry in Albanian and English, one of the founders and chairman of the cultural-sports association “Pellazgu”. Often, he introduced the Albanian school abroad. His speech at the Conference organized in 1931 by the Institute of Studies in Geneva was echoed broad. With the establishment of the Albanian-American Institute of Kavaja, he was appointed deputy director and then director of the school. Even in the years of fascist occupation, Ali Cungu continued his pedagogical work. He served as board director in Tirana and then as director of the Elbasan School of Labor. After the liberation, he did seven years of deprivation of liberty. He translated the works of De Rada, Naim Frashëri, Migjeni, Ismail Kadare and even Enver Hoxha. He was the translator of the English version of the magazine “New Albania”. Of course, in any of the works translated by him, there is no mention of the name of the translator.

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