18 June 1948, was born the popular singer Fatime Sokoli

In a tower on the edge of Valbona, on June 18, 1948, was born “Cika e Tropoje”, the popular singer Fatima Sokoli. Since she was young, she was excited about her voice and talent. The first song, he sang at the Cave of Dragobia for Baja Bajram Curri and the other men of Malesia e Gjakoves. There he won the first applause, applause he did not cease, either in Tropoja, Tirana, Gjirokastra, Konispol, throughout Albania, across Kosovo and Macedonia, in many of Bailanka’s and Europe’s scenes. The folklore festivals of Gjirokastra were in honor of its presence as well as applauded in many artistic competitions of folk creativity in the Balkans and Europe. With her voice and talent, she has entered the pantheon of Albanian folk song and will remain there for generations, so that the song of the people still sounds.

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