March 16th, 1922 was born the dramaturge Besim Levonja

The dramaturgist and the famous actor of the Albanian scene Besim Levonja, “Merited Artist” was born on March 16th, 1922. His artistic path began in the mountains of Albania, where the Albanians were frightening against the fascist invaders. He wrote and showed the dramas “Sabaudin Gabrani” and “Peza heroike”. After liberation was one of the founders of the National Theatre and the Albanian State Variety, in Tirana. Immediately after the liberation of the capital, he wrote and staged the comedy “Ceni Hoxhë” actively participated in the weekly program  “Ora gazmore”  in Radio Tirana. To his pen belong numerous humorous skits, the comedy “Prefekti”, which became so popular, the dramas “Janë plagët që flasin”, “Dasma e madhe”, etc.