March 16th, 1902 was born the merited artist Sokrat Mio

The director Sokrat Mio, Artist Emeritus, was born on March 16th, 1902. He finished the studies for film director at the Academy of Dramatic-musical in Paris. After graduation he returned to his homeland and worked as film director of the company “VIlaznia” of Shkodra. The first work that was performed with the amateurs of Shkodra was “Vilhelm Teli” of Schiller that was banned by censorship of King Zogu. Later he worked with extracurricular society ” Rinia korçare”. The show of drama ” Armiku i Popullit “, became a manifestation of viewers against the regime of the time. During the National Liberation War he joined with the antifascist fighters. In 1944, the he raised the partisan theatre group of Lavdar and staged “Epopee of the National Front,” of Shefqet Musaraj and “14 vjeç dhëndër ” of Çajupi. Sokrat Mio was among the founders of the National Theatre and then of the professional theatre in Korca, “AZ Cajupi”. He has staged some of the best parts of Moliere, Gogol, Goldoni, etc., and the work of our playwrights, Mihal Grameno, Foqion Postoli, Kol Jakova, Spiro Çomora, etc.