March 15th, 1875 was born Faik Konica, one of the brightest characters of the Albanian culture and diplomacy

Faik Konica one of the brightest personalities of Albanian culture, politics and diplomacy was born on March 15th, 1875 in Konica. After finishing the studies in France, he have had the opportunity to work in the highest positions in the Turkish administration, as many of his peers, but he chose the difficult path of struggle for freedom and progress of the Nation. By publishing the magazine “Albania”, he became one of the founders of the Albanian press, but in the absence of Albanian diplomatic service, he had the role of representatives of our nation in Europe and later in America. So great was his role in this area that the Turkish imperial court has condemned Konica twice to death and formally has requested his extradition to Turkey. In the United States, together with Noli, in the most difficult years for Albania at the top of the Albanian Federation “Vatra” and its organ, the longest-Albanian newspaper “Dielli”, he practically became the head of government in exile, as in the activities to help the ravaged homeland, and in the diplomatic fight for its protection and salvation from the full fragmentation. In the diplomatic event, as representatives of our country in the United States, he managed to become the Dean of the diplomatic corps in Washington and contrary to the pro-fascist line that has followed Tirana, to maintain and develop regular relations with American partner where have lived the largest colony of Albanian immigrants.