15 March 1906, 1906 was created and came out to the mountain the “çeta” of Bajo Topulli

On March 15th, 1906, the 13 fighters of Bajo Topulli, were involved with the resistance for freedom and established the first armed çeta. With this, he wished to show to young Albanians how to fought for the motherland and freedom. Immediately after the first actions, the number of fighters amounted to 25 people and continued to grow in the heat of the war for liberation. Among the first actions of Bajo Topullit çeta that brought together Christian and Muslim fighters, was the bloody murder of Bishop of Korca, as revenge for the murder of Papa Kristo Negovani and his companions. The patriotic çeta often is called as committee çeta. But let us remember, that the leader of this çeta was Topulli Bajo, an educated man and distinguished professor. He took care to draw up a specific regulation that led the activity and discipline of çeta and later was used for other armed units. A copy of this regulation was published in 1974, by the patriot and antifascist fighter Zekerie Cana.