15 March 1912, was born Mit’hat Arianiti, journalist

The journalist and humorist, one of the first collaborators of Radio Tirana, Mit’hat Arianiti was born in Mallakastër, on March 15th, 1912. His name is rarely faced in the press. He has written under the pseudonyms ”Rrem Vogli katunar pri Rrashbulli” or “Jogo”. He was a regular collaborator of ” Revista letrare ” and ” Përpjekja shqiptare “. He wrote and published a series of sketches, portraits and humorous skits. Many of them are also broadcast on the programme “Ora gazmore ” of Radio Tirana in the years of fascist occupation. In 1996, after the author’s death, some of them are summarized in the volume ” Qyfyret e Rrem Voglit katunar pri Rrashbu-Ile “.