9 February 1899, was born the scientist with European dimension Dr. Bilal Golemi

In Golem of Kurvelesh on February 9th, 1899, was born the doctor Bilal Golemi, scientist of the European dimensions. In January 1927 he took the PhD together with the bacteriologist and Ramon and Dumas, and he did the studies on “toxins”. He represented Turkey at the Congress of Veterinary in London and his lecture was published in the scientific summary “Competes Reunds”. In 1928 Dr. Bilal Golem returned to Albania and created the Zoo- Veterinary service, the zoo technical. He prepared the first technologists of Albanian food industry. After 29 months in the prison he was left free by the King Zog and went in Turkey. France has decorated Dr. Bilal Golem with the high order of the “Rider of Honorary Legion” for agricultural merit.