9 March 1927, was established the commercial company SITA, with an Albanian capital of 1 million gold francs

The shareholding company SITA was established on March9th, 1927 with a capital of one million gold francs. Later, with two new shares the capital was increased in 2,200,000 gold francs. The shares of the company reached in 4400 with a value of 500 francs each of them. According to the statute these were available only to the Albanian people, so the company was established and remain with a national capital.  The Company executed two concessions: the production and marketing of salt in Albania and lighting of Tirana with electricity. The salt was produced in the salt flats of Vlora and Kavaja and traded by 20 agencies across the country. The annual production of salt was 60 to 120 thousand quintals. For lighting of Tirana, has served the power plant with 1155 horsepower or 770 kilowatts.