8 April 1672, Evlija Çelebi wrote for the magnificent tower of the clock in Berat

The Ottoman traveller Evliya Celebi, nearly 350 years ago, did a long journey through our country and has given the descriptions and his impressions of what he has seen and heard for the land and people of Arbëria. He speaks for the Clock of Berat tower, “Inside the market, he writes, is the clock tower, high, has a timer brought from Ardeli, Transylvania, with a huge bell inside which can stay ten people. In lunch it falls ten times, the sound and its resounding can be heard a track day. The beauty of this clock, wrote the man who came from the capital of the Byzantine Empire and at the time of the Ottoman Empire, is not believed if you do not see. “Let remember, that today the ancient city has neither the tower nor the clock and even his famous bell.