9 April 1992, died the artist Mentor Xhemali, “Artist of Nation”

Today is commemorated one of the greatest artists of the Albanian song and music Mentor Xhemali, “Nation’s Artist” and the winner of the “First Prize of the Republic”. Mentor Xhemali has studied at the “Tchaikovsky” Conservatory of Moscow. After graduation, he has worked in the Opera and Ballet Theatre in Tirana. He has performed dozens of opera figures from the operas of our and foreign authors. Mentor Xhemali has dignity represent our ancient and original art, anywhere around the world deserving awards  in the international festivals of Warsaw, Moscow, Vienna, Helsinki, and was applauded at the Berlin scenes, Turkey, Cuba, Hungary , Bulgaria, China, France, etc. Together with the popular singer Laver Bariu, they created the popular singing group, whose voice resounded away from the Albanian border. He died on April 9th, 1992.