8th November 1942, was born the lawyer and journalist Jusuf Alibali

Jusuf Alibali

On November 8th, 1942, was born the lawyer and journalist Jusuf Alibali. He attended the elementary and high school in his hometown Shkodra. He began his studies in Florence, Italy, and interrupted them because he was involved in the National Liberation Movement and after the liberation; he was graduated in Moscow University. He published the first writings while he was a student in Italy. Then, he collaborated with the newspaper “Drita”. In 1945, he was editor of the newspaper “Bashkimi” and he published articles in the newspaper “Rinia”.In 1946, he opened the program in Albanian language of Radio-Moscow and after returning in homeland, along with the legal duties, he gave his contribute in Radio Tirana. For many years he has worked as the director of the Foreign Editorial in the newspaper “Zëri i popullit”, until he was exiled with his family for political reasons.


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