7 March 1887, in Korca was opened the first Albanian school

On March 7th, 1887 in Korca was established the first official Albanian schools. This is how Koço Grameno, one of its first students, reminds, this event: “The Patriots of Istanbul sent Pandeli Sotir as a teacher. The school was in the center of the city and gathered many students, boys and a maiden. This school has worked in very difficult conditions; followed by many enemies and was raised with the support of the people. After Pandeli Sotiri, other teachers of the school were: Thanas Sina, Petro Nini Luarasi, Janko Minxha, Nuçi Naçi, Thanas Nona, Hafiz Ali Korça, Kristaq Vaja and Nikollaq Zografi… This political hearth ends his memories Koço Grameno, was the main obstacle for the occupiers, because the patriots were trying more and more for the national education, so the invaders began to take measures and in 1902 they closed the school …”