6 January 1923, was born Melina Mërkuri; the star of Cinema with Albanian origin

Melina Mërkuri

On January 6th, 1923, was born the great Greek artist with Albanian origin Melina Mërkuri. She excelled on stage and on screen. Since 1952 she debuted in Paris turning into a star of global caliber. In 1962, together with her husband Dasen, established the cinematographic company “Melina Film”. In the period of military dictatorship in Greece (19647-74), he lived in exile and performed on stages and screens of the USA, France and Italy. After the fall of the dictatorship she returned in her birthplace and was appointed Minister of Culture. Melina Mërkuri has affirmed several times her Albanian origin and has worked for the strengthening of relations between our countries and peoples.

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