February 5th, 1938 died the doctor Hajdar Vlora, nephew of Ismail Qemali

The Albanian medicine commemorates on February 5th, the anniversary of the death of the Doctor of the Medical Sciences, Hajdar Vlora. Ismail Qemali’s grandson was born in Istanbul. Finished the Franco-Ottoman Imperial Lyceum of Galata Serai and graduated doctor at the Sorbonne University. There he obtained even his PhD. In 1923 came in Albania and was appointed municipal doctor in Vlora, where he served until 1932. In January of that year he was sent to Paris for specialization in the fight against tuberculosis. Upon return worked at the Civilian Hospital of Tirana. He was sentenced to 5 years in prison for his participation at Fieri uprising, but was released after only 3 months from the King Zog I and continued to work at the Hospital of Tirana. He died at age 50 from a heart attack on 5 February 1938.