5 June 1871, Nikola Jorga was born

Nikola Jorga, the prominent Romanian historian who has been instrumental in studying the history of our people, was born on 5 June 1871. In the years 1915-1916, he published several volumes with “Notes and Extracts, serving the history of XIV century crusades “, where a rich documentary material on the anti-Ottoman wars of the Albanian people was given during the Skanderbeg era. It was at this time that he discovered in the Laurentiana of Florence, the first document of the Albanian language “Baptismal form” dating back to 1462, written by Bishop of Durres, Pal Angelo. In 1919, he published in French “The Short History of Albania and the Albanian People” and another study in 1925. The work of the Romanian albanologist represents a great scientific interest in our historiography. He was killed by the fascist Romanian forces in 1940.

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