4 September 1885, was born the cleric and publicist Vincent Prendushi, “Martyr of Democracy”

Vinçens Prendushi

In Shkodra, on 4 September 1885, Vinçenc Prendushi was born, a clergyman, writer and translator. Graduated in Austria, he published the first scriptures on the notebooks “Post of Shqypnis”, “Hylli i Dritës” and “Zana e Shna Ndoit”. In 1911, he published the folklore collection “Visaret e Kombit” and later, “The traitor” and “Fabiola”. He summed up his own books in the volume “Leaf of flowers”. After liberation, he was arrested and died in prison in 1949. In 1993, he was declared “Martyr of Democracy” and a year later, a school in Durres got his name.


Thimi Çollaku / Kalendari i botës shqiptare

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