4 August 1463, took place the Battle of Ohrid

On August 4, 1463, took place one of the numerous victorious battles of our national hero George Castriot, against thr Ottoman troops commanded by Sheremet Beu near the Ohrid Lake, where it took the name “Ohrid Battle”. Scanderbeg after organizing the reception near the site of deploying enemy troops, sent a part of the Albanian troops, with Pejk Emanuel and Pal Engel in the lead, to alert the Ottomans in ambush. Albanians succeeded. The Turks, following the Albanian bravado, were surrounded by the host. Albanian fighters attacked the enemy on all sides and shattered it completely. The Ohrid victory was of great importance because it was part of the general action to be taken against the Ottoman invaders, along with the western states.

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