30 January 1926, was born the composer Tish Daija

In a family of known craftsmen but also passionate musicians, on January 30th, 1926 was born Daija Tish, composer and activist with a deeply national physiognomy. Since in his childhood, he dealt with music and graduated in composition at the Conservatory “Tchaikovsky” in Moscow. When he was only 13 years old he composed the first songs“Çikë mori çikë”, “Nal bre vashë”, “Me lule t’ bukra”, “Sylarushe”, are sung even today. But also he is known as the creator of ballet “Halili dhe Hajrija”, “Bijtë e peshkatarit”, that become the first foundations of the Albanian Nation ballet, the author of the works “Pranvera”, “Vjosa”; of the operettas “Lejlaja” dhe “Vjeshta e artë”. In the artistic heritage of Tish Daija are included 1000 songs, but his contribute will be incomplete without his role in the “Song and Dance Ensemble”. The ballet “Halili dhe Hajria”, is performed over than 200 times including the scenes of France, Italy, Kosovo and Macedonia. Tish Daija has actively participated in all the festivals of song in Albanian Radio-Television and has won 10 awards in the festivals of song for children.