30 August 1938, was held the National Artistic Festivals

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Albanian Kingdom, on August 30, 1938, at the “Nacional” cinema was held the Artistic Festival. That evening, the orchestra “Union of Elbasanas” played under the direction of Baki Kongoli, a professor at the Normal School in Elbasan. Prior to the public was presented with his rich program the Choir of the “Nana Kingman” Institute, under the guidance of pedagogue Jorgjie Filche (Truja). They accompanied the piano, Emilia Tsali, a student of the Conservatory of Thessaloniki and Antoneta Andrea. The festival was attended by all the families who had radio because it was broadcast by the Lapraka Radio Station. This was the second test that Radio-Tirana did before its inauguration on November 28, 1938.

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