3 April 1996, show by the Greek church choir in Tirana with church music of Jan Kukuzeli

After the presentation in the stages of 19 European countries, on April 3rd, 1996, the Greek chorus performed in Tirana, which interprets the music of the famous Albanian composer Jan Kukuzeli. The musician was born in Durres, about 1070-1075 years. For this was called Kukuzeli and was appointed head of the ancient singers and maestro of the imperial chapel. He was the singer and the most prominent composer of Constantinople of the XI century. He created the musical writing system that has his name. Kukuzeli system has used more than 40 graphics letters and was based on the musical circles. The notation of the Albanian composer, was used for many centuries in the church music, until such time as, another composer from Durres, Krisanth Moditi did his reform in the nineteenth century. Jan Kukuzeli was a lecturer, poet and hymnography.