29 June 1444, Skanderbeg totally destroyed the Turkish army in the epic battle of Torvioll

In June 1444, a Turkish army of about 250,000, commanded by Ali Pasha, entered Albania from the Black Drin Valley in the direction of Dibra. Skanderbeg met him and both armies were faced on the Dibra field on June 29. The Albanian Army divided into three parts, masterfully maneuvered, withdrew as if it had been broken until it introduced the Turkish army into the narrow Torvioll area, surrounded by mountains and forests. When the Turkish commander recalled that he had put the Albanians under trap, was attacked from all sides by Skanderbeg’s forces and completely disbanded … According to Barlet, describing the battle, the Turks left in the battlefield 22 thousand killed in 2000 Captured and 24 flags fell into the hands of Albanians. The Albanians left the battlefield, 3800 killed.

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