29 November 1861, was born the Austrian diplomat, the albanologist Teodor Ippeni

Teodor Ippeni

The Austrian albanologist, a friend of the Albanian people, Teodor Ippeni, was born on November 29th, 1861. Being at the Austrian Diplomatic Service in 1885 he began working on the General Austro-Hungarian Consulate in Shkodra. He came for the second time in Shkodra in 1895, this time as the main consul and stayed for 9 years. He did numerous work trips by collecting information for the works that he published as albanologist. As a diplomat and friend of Albania, he gave his contribution for the benefit of our national issue, especially during the Conference of Ambassadors in London and during the definition of Albania borders. His services are known to the establishment of Albanian schools and the publication of textbooks in Albanian.

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