29 July 1911, fell heroically the heroic warrior Kostaq Kosturi

In Orman on July 29, 1911, heroic warrior Kostaq Kosturi fell heroically. He was a member of the joint squad of Spiro Bellkamen and Qamil Panariti. Its members had scheduled the action to release some arrested patrons, but were deciphered and surrounded by invading forces. In the war to crack the siege, Kostaq Kosturi fell along with five other martyrs. The warrior of freedom, had participated in many patriotic activities with rifles and pens. Among the first, they joined the “Band of Freedom” Music Association, set up in Korça in 1908. In its composition Kostaq Kosturi has given concerts in every national event, trying to spread the culture, and to revive the national consciousness. In the Music Society, he was also active in theater and other activities

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