28 August 1933, died the prominent activist of the Albanian school Qamil Balla

The distinguished Albanian school activist Qamil Balla was separated from life on August 28, 1933. After graduating from Istanbul, he taught at the gymnasiums of Manastir, Thessaloniki and Ioannina, where he also held an intense patriotic activity among Albanian students. For this, the patriot educator ended in Jerusalem schools, general director of education in Baghdad, and general education inspector in Damascus. Only after World War I returned to Albania and fought for the organization of education on secular grounds. In 1922, he attended the Tirana Educational Congress. He was elected member of the Committee “National Protection of Kosovo” and a member of the Prefecture of Kosovo. His name is met in many bodies of the time. It addresses the need for education of Albanian women, preparing for her as a social activist. Qamil Balla, supported the June Revolution and after his repression, until 1930, lived in exile. Returning to his homeland, he was appointed director of the “Naim Frashëri” school in Tirana, and the initiator of the establishment of schools for men and women.

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