25 May 1846, Naim Frasheri was born in Frasher of Permet

Our national poet Naim Frasheri was born in Frashër of Përmet on May 25, 1846. After completing Janina’s “Zosimea” gymnasium, he lived for 10 years in Albania, times with health holidays and once as finance officer in Ioannina, Saranda and Berat. At the same time, he was also involved in patriotic and cultural activities: he was an activist of the Istanbul Committee and a year later, the Albanian Writers’ Association. As a poet and writer, he became acquainted with the patriotic poem “Albania”, which was distributed by the “Istanbul Society” among Albanian patriots inside and outside the country. First poems and scriptures, Naimi published in the magazine “Light” and “Knowledge”. In 1886, four texts of teaching character were published by Bucharest’s patriotic society. Bucharest also published the “True Desire of Albanians” written in Greek as well as the poem “Livestock and Agriculture”, which is one of his most popular works. In the creative heritage of Naim Frashëri, “History of Albania” is also included, a text intended not only to give the younger generation the most needed knowledge of their homeland, but also to revive the love for the hometown. This is followed by the epic poem “Skënderbeu’s History”, as well as a collection of lyrical vases, titled “Summer Flowers”.