24 January 1889, was born Viktor Eftimiu, famous Romanian writer of Albanian origin

On January 24th, 1889 in Boboshticë, Korca was born Viktor Eftimiu, writer and Romanian academic of Albanian origin. He wrote and published many works; some of them are translated in Albanian as: “Red Bride”, “Osman and two cross”, “Akimi”, “The person who saw death with his eyes”, “Doctor Faust”. Viktor Eftimiu was the author of several works with Albanian motives: “Portraits and memories”, “Two crosses”, the poem “Skanderbeg” and the essay “Albanian Folklore”. He defended Albania and Albanians, wrote many articles for them in the foreign press, was a member of the Writers and Artists of Albania League, and is decorated with the order “Naim Frashëri” of I-st Class. After the liberation he visited twice his homeland.