24 August 1999, the well-known humorist Gëzim Kruja is declared “Shkodra’s pride”

The well-known humorist Gezim Kruja, on August 24, 1999, was proclaimed by the Municipal Council “Shkodra Pride”. In his 40-year career, he has accomplished over 1,000 roles, giving them breath and life. Through them, the artist has personalized his style as humorist artist of the scene and screen. Gëzim Kruja, is also noted as the creator of the genre of humor. There are 13 comedies written and staged by him. During the four decades of artistic activity in Shkodra’s Estrada, he has staged 250 skaters, played and applauded in other Albanian cities, and on the small screen of Albanian television. Gëzim Kruja’s humor has reached the Albanian families through Radio-Shkodra and Radio-Tirana microphones, and he is also followed by our fellow countrymen living outside the Albanian state borders.

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