24 August 1461, Ragusa makes a magnificent welcome to our hero George Castriot

In 1460, the riots included South Italy and threatened the kingdom of Naples, the ally of Skanderbeg, supported by the Vatican. George Castriot, sent to the aid of his ally a contingent of Albanian horsemen. In August 1461, he left for himself, with a small army of 2500 in Italy. The road stopped in Ragusa, where on August 24th it became a grand reception by the Senate of the Republic and its people. When Skanderbeg arrived in Pulja, the position of Ferdinand, King of Naples, was desperate. Apart from Naples, he was left with only two other castles, that of Tarant and Barletta, surrounded by them, by the armies of the rebellious barons. George Castriot immediately attacked and broke the opposing armies at Barleta; with his light cavalry pursued the forces of the Prince of Toronto, striking them from time to time, causing horror and panic in their ranks. By the end of the year, he defeated all the invaded castles and helped his ally crush all opponents.

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