23 April 1682 was born the church leader, Gjergj Guxeta

In Arbëresh colony of Horace in Palermo, on 23 April 1682, was born Gjergj Guxeta, the church leader and mental health of Sicily arberesh migrants. With his name is associated the establishment of Arbresh Seminary of Palermo in 1784. He founded even the Institute and other Albanian religious schools. With the establishment of the Palermo Seminar were created the opportunities for the preparation of Orthodox rite priests, among the arberesh of Italy, a ritual which, is also alive today in those parts. With this ritual, is closely linked the preservation of the Albanian language in Arbëresh colonies. In this place they began their career prominent figures of Arbëresh culture as: Kamarda, Dara, Skiroi, Petrota, etc.