23 April 1872 was born the linguist, translator and diplomat Gjergj Pekmezi

The linguist, historian, teacher and diplomat Gjergj Pekmezi one of the first Albanian graduates, the University of Vienna, was born on April 23rd, 1872. With his help, in 1903, it was established in the Austrian capital cathedra of the Albanian language in the Oriental Institute in Vienna. His masterpiece remains, “Gramatika e gjuhës shqipe”, which was published in 1908. Gjergj Pekmezi, took part in the activity of “Komsisë letrare” in Shkodra and on September 24th, 1916, was elected its chairman. Along with Ndre Mjeda and the Slovenian Albanologist Nahtigal, studied the dialect of Elbasan. In 1920, was appointed inspector of the Albanian students who were studying in Central Europe. Later, he was involved in the diplomatic service and served as Albania’s consul in Vienna. In 1924, he transcribed and published the folkloric work “Bleta shqiptare”, of Thimi Mitko and directed the student magazine “Djalëria” which was published in Vienna. A real treasure for our history and culture, constitutes the documentation that he collect during 23 years in the archives of Vienna, including relations of foreign consuls, operating in Shkoder, Prizren, Ioannina, Istanbul, Skopje, Bitola and Thessaloniki, this rich documentation, is published in two volumes.