22 April 1881, took place the battle between the Ottoman forces and the Albanian League of Prizren

On April 22nd, 1881, at Slivova village took place a fierce battle between the numerous Ottoman forces led by Dervish Pasha forces and the Albanian League of Prizren, who were commanded by Mic Sokoli, Binak and Alia Sulejman Vokshi. The fighting lasted five hours and caused heavy losses for both sides. The Turks left on the battlefield 1800 killed and Albanians 800 martyrs. During the battle, the enemy had superiority in numbers and weaponry, also they used the artillery. To raise the morale of the comrades, the commander Mic Sokoli, jumped on the ball and was killed while covering it. For his bravery and patriotism, the National Assembly has given the high title, the “Nation’s Hero”. He is immortalized in art and music. The picture of Sali Shijaku, “Mic Sokoli” reflects the last heroic act in Slivova on April 22nd, 1861.