21 July 1915, born in Gjirokastra, doctor Dhimiter Lito

Dr. Dhimiter Lito, a pioneer in the fight against the tuberculosis epidemic in our country, was born in Gjirokastra on 21 July 1915. Medical studies started in Athens and ended in the University of Rome. After graduation, he returned home and was devoted to protecting the health of his people. During the war, the National Liberation Movement helped. After liberation, he helped to set up the Senate of Korca, where he worked as a director. He turned it into one of the most important centers of the fight against tuberculosis. Even in Shkodra, he was sent for the establishment of antituberculatory Senator, which he directed for thirty years in a row. Generalizing the experience of this work, he defended his doctorate and earned the title of professor. Even several generations of students from Shkodra High Pedagogical Institute recall the high level of lectures, anatomy and physiology that Professor Lito was carrying.

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