20 May 1903, was born Ernest Koliqi

He was born in Shkodra on May 20, 1903, mourner, journalist, scholar and politician Ernest Koliqi. He graduated from the University of Padua and defended his doctorate at the University of Rome in 1937. He lectured on Albanian language and literature, at the universities of Padua and Rome. He continued his pedagogical career at the Vlora Trade School and at the Shkodra Gymnasium and during 1939-1941 led the Ministry of Education. The first scriptures he published in the student magazine “We Young” (We Young) who founded and directed it himself. He is the initiator and leader of the notebooks “Ora e Maleve”, “Zane rinie”, “Shkendija”, and “Shejzat”, which was published in Italy. His signature and pseudonyms are faced by dozens of bodies that have been published in our country before liberation. The first collection of stories that came out of Koliq’s “Shadow of the Mountains” was published in 1929, followed by the “Big Poets of Italy” with two volumes, “Flag Trader”, “Tracks of the Seasons”. During his stay in Italy, where he died in 1975, he published several volumes in Albanian and Italian.