February 2nd, 1924 was born the greatest artist Sulejman Pitarka

On February 2nd, 1924, in Dibra, was born the greatest artist of the Albanian stage and screen, Sulejman Pitarka, People’s Artist. When he was 3 years old, his family moved to Durres, when he finished the trade school and then began working at the bank of the city. His passion was the scene and after liberation, engages with amateur group of the city. For the first time he played in dramas as: “Ishulli i paqes” and “Invandimi”. In 1951 Sulejman Pitarka passes in the National Theater in Tirana, where soon he became the star of the Albanian cinema. Many roles of Sulejman Pitarkës are played and strongly applauded by the public, making him well known outside national borders. The reat actor is one of the pioneers of Albanian artistic film. For the first time he came out on screen in 1961 with “Debatiku”, successfully not only in Albania but also abroad. This was followed by a series of films, to close with “Larg barbarëve”. It would not be complete the artistic portrait of Sulejman Pitarkës without his dramatic creativity. His masterpiece is “Familja e peshkatarit”, which has already entered into our list of classic drama.