2 April 1932, was born the Artist of Nation Margarita Xhepa

The nation artist, Margarita Xhepa, was born in Lushnja on April 2nd 1932. Since she was at school took part in the artistic activities. The outstanding talent brought her to the capital. She won the first price in the competitions ” artistic words on Radio Tirana” and thereafter was appointed to the State Variety Show, while in 1950, was introduced on the stage of the National Theatre, performing the main roles in difficult classics parts as “Hamleti”, “Mbreti Lir”, “Cuca e maleve’ , etc. She has performed over 25 primary roles for the Albanian viewers, beginning with the movie “Vitet e para”, “Pranvera s’erdhi vetën”, “Vitet e pritjes”, filmed in 1990, etc. In 1997 Margarita Xhepa, was honored by the Biographical American Institute with the high title of honor, “Gold disc “. That same year at the International Festival Film, that was held in Thessaloniki, she and Kadri Roshi deserved “The grand prize of honor” for the interpretation in the film “Mirupafshim”, of the Greek directors Kristos Bukuras and Jorgos Koras.