19 April 1982, died the pedagogue and publicist Izet Bebeziqi

The pedagogue, and the publicist Izet Bebeziqi, died on April 19th, 1982. In Vienna, he finished the secondary education and began the high school which he was forced to interrupt for political reasons. He was involved into journalism in Austria and Italy. In 1933, he was appointed lecturer at Tirana Technical School. After the occupation of the country, he was interned as an anti-fascist in Italy, for health reasons he was released. After his return, he opened the Albanian gymnasium in Peja, but the disease forced him to retire. At the library of Shkodra he provided his contribution for the scientific system. Izet Bebeziqi, has left some studies for the Albanian literature and prominent writers as De Rada, Serembe, etc. He also was distinguished in the field of Albanisation and brought in our language Dante Aligeri and other authors.