19 April 1923, was born in Tirana the painter Vera Blloshmi

The painter, Vera Blloshmi Melet, was born in Tirana on April 19th, 1923. Her mother was the granddaughter of Ismail Qemali, while her father Salahedin Blloshmi, one of the most famous military of the time. He received his first lessons at the school of Qiriazi sisters in Kamza. At the Feminine Institute, “Nana Mbretereshe”, discovered her talent by dedicating her talent to the beautiful art. So she attended the Artistic Lyceum in Rome and then the Academy of Arts. In 1945, Vera Blloshmi was presented at the National Exhibition of London with works such as “Partizania”, “Kostum Kosovar”, etc. Her works were liked and in 1946 the painter was finally moved in the English capital, where she attended several collective exhibitions. She realized and exhibited numerous paintings in Italy, Czech Republic, Canada, the United States and Switzerland. In 1983, with the portrait of a woman in national costume, she received the first prize at the competition organized by one of London’s most popular galleries.