19 April 2006, died journalist and screenwriter Anastas Kondo

The writer, journalist and screenwriter Anastas Kondo was released from life on May 19, 2006. After completing the Polytechnic of Tirana, he graduated paleontologist engineer in Leningrad. The work and life path started at the Institute of Oil Geological Studies in Kuçova, and then in Fier. But his passion was literature and she made it known. He is the author of several scientific texts that laid the foundations of Albanian Mikropaleontology, but the reader recognizes the literary volumes “Urs”, “When the man dies,” “Sunshine gates”, “Why did they kill Odyssey”, “Kio”? Stones, “” when one day came “. On the big and small screen today, there are screenings made with his scenarios such as “Sea Mission”, “Big Winter”, “One Day Day”, “Partizan Velo”.