19 July 1929, born in Lushnja, a small encyclopedia of our art, llia Shyti

Llia Shyti, a small encyclopedia of our art, was born in Lushnja on 19 July 1929. His stage life began in the Partisan Theater. Following battles against fascists, he played for his fellow soldiers, for the villagers in the liberated areas. The liberation of the country opened new trails for his talents and passions. There are over 100 roles played by him, in villages and cities. There are over 50 films where he has traced, starting with the first “Tana” artistic film and ending with “The Sounds of Forgiveness”. Illa Shyti, has been the director of a culture house, director, screenwriter, actor and painter. There are over 400 artist portraits that have emerged from his penel. In the radio station of Radio Tirana and the archive of the Albanian Public Television, not hundreds but thousands of recordings and footage with the voice and figure of the artist are preserved. Only on children’s shows, there are over 2000 tales interpreted by him.

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