18 March 1998, was opened the exhibition with unknown works of the Nation Painter Abdurrahim Buza

In the Press Centre of the European Community in Tirana, on March 18th, 1998, was opened the exhibition of unknown works by the painter Abdurrahim Buza. The works were collected from the family environments of the painter and his friends and some private collections around the world. The exhibition was opened a few days; it was visited by many viewers and echoed in the press and art criticism. Abdurrahim Buza remains one of the most powerful Albanian paintbrushes that is known for its original style and national motives. More than 500 paintings and over 10,000 drawings and graphics are exhibited in all national exhibitions that are opened in our country after the author’s death, but his works have been very successful in the exhibitions biennials and foreign galleries, starting by Italy, Austria, France, Germany, China, Bulgaria, Armenia, Greece, Macedonia, Kosovo to the far Australia.