18 March 1934, died the military man Ihsan Hydi

On March 18th, 1977, died the military man and the teacher Ihsan Hydi. He was born in Elbasan in 1905. He took first lessons in homeland and then continued his studies at Austrian high schools. He was graduated from the Military Academy of Modena in ltali. In Albania, he served with the rank of lieutenant and then captain in wards of Qaf Shtama, Elbasan and Tirana. During the fascist occupation he was an officer of the battalion “Dajti”. After the liberation, he passed in the educational service and became a teacher in Vreshtas of Mallakastra. He has worked in the enterprise “Rruga-Ura” and continued teaching in the schools of Librazhdi villages until he retired in 1965.