17 June 1984, was discovered a tombstone of 1201, which speaks of the Arber prince

In the village of Brar, Tirana, on June 17, 1984, a tombstone of 1201 was discovered, which speaks of Arber’s principality. In it are sculpted 5 crosses and 5 arches, sign of 5 members of the family of Arberor ruler. Above it is the inscription: “Remember, O Lord, your servant Mihal-Zegur, his wife and his nephews.” As is well known, the Arberi precept was formed in 1190 and was the first Albanian feudal state that was documented. Its rulers were Progoni and son Gjini. The Principality extended mainly to Middle Albania and could not include all Albanian lands. The most powerful ruler of the Prince’s dynasty became Dhimitri i Arberit, nicknamed in the historical documents “Arhond i Madh”, “Noble Man”, “Prince of Arbereshet”. Principality existed until the end of the 13th century.

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