March 17th, 1920 was born the journalist of the Albanian State National Television Marash Berisha

Marash Berisha, older employees of radio and television, was born in Kurrec-Grudë of Malesia e Madhe in Montenegro on March 17th, 1927. He did the primary education in homeland and continued in Shkodra and Pristina. He completed his studies in Belgrade at the Faculty of Foreign Languages. In 1949, he was part of the Radio-Titograd microphone, where he served as speaker of the Albanian emissions. This put him in the journalism path. In 1951, he was appointed reporter on Radio Belgrade for programs in Albanian language, where he has worked until 1980. Later he became correspondent in Prishtina television, where he left his mark until 1988. In 2000, the old Albanian journalist from Montenegro Marash Berisha, was appointed edition correspondent of Radio “Free Europe”. He has left hundreds and thousands of informative programs, analytic, but also cultural, literary and journalistic.