March 17th, 1914 was formed the government of Prince Wied

Wilhelm I, as it was called Prince Vidi, when came on top of the Albanian state on March 17th, 1914 formed the first government of Albania, recognized by the Great Powers. Turhan Pasha Përmeti was appointed Prime Minister, directing also the post of the Foreign Minister. In the composition of his cabinet were Esat Pasha Toptani-Minister of War, Dr. Adhamidh Bey Frashëri Minister of Finance (in May Filip Noga took his post), Dr Myfit Bey Libohova Minister of Justice and Religion, Hasan Prishtina Minister of Post and Telegraph, Dr. Mihal Turtulli Minister of Education, Azis Vrioni Minister of Agriculture, Preng Bib Doda Minister of Public Works (in May of that year was replaced by Dr. Mufit libohova). The Cabinet continued its activity until the end of May 1914.