16 July 1903, in Leshica of Permet, was born folklorist and linguist Pano Tase

In Leshica e Permetit, on July 16, 1903, was born folklorist and linguist Pano Tase. At the age of 15, he went to Turkey where he studied several foreign languages ​​as a self-taught student. He joined the patriotic circles and devoted himself to studying our folklore and language. This work continued persistently even after returning to Homeland. His first work “The New Dictionary – rare words used in southern Albania” was included in the major work “Visaret e Kombit” volume XII. Later, he published the “Dictionary of speech and expression from the South of Albania”. They remain in the script and are kept in the Central State Archives and at the Institute of People’s Culture, 15 manuscripts and “My Memories From Cradle to Tomb”.

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