January 16th, 1862 was born the national hero, Bajram Curri

In Gjakova on January 16th, 1862, was born the patriot and democrat who lead the liberation of the nation, the National Hero, Bajram Curri. It was one of the organizers and leaders of the League of Peja and one of the main leaders of the Meeting of Ferizaj. Helped to set up the schools of Kosovo Albanian clubs, defended the Albanian alphabet adopted at the Congress of Monastery, attended and directed “Bashkimi” Club in Skopje. Bajram Curri was a warrior and leader in all movements and uprisings against the Ottoman invaders in Shkodra highland uprisings, in general armed uprising of 1910-1912 years, etc.He distinguished himself as leader of the battles in Qaf Prush and Fushë Kosova. After 1912, Bajram Curri defended the Albanian state from the plans for cleavage and fought with guns for the freedom of Kosovo.He was the leader of the committee “Mbrojtja Kombëtare e Kosovës”. At the Congress of Lushnja, Bajram Curri was elected Member of the National Council and was ranked alongside the country’s democratic forces. He was beside Noli and other Democrats in the June Revolution. Bajram Curri was killed by Ahmet Zog agents at Dragobia cave in 1925.